FITcamp classes
Designed for EVERY BODY so you can get stronger, feel better and have some fun!

FITcamp Classes
These classes are kept very small, designed to provide lots of personal attention while providing a sense of community and accountability. We focus on the WHOLE BODY, meaning cardio, muscle work, balance and mobility. We also focus on having some fun! who wants to show up every week to be tortured? Classes are indoors when Mother Nature forces us, and outside in the nicer seasons.

10 week session once per week $150 + HST
10 week session twice per week $285 + HST

Currently offered:
Mondays @ 6pm
Tuesdays @ 9am
Saturdays @ 8am

Personal Training
Perhaps you are just starting your journey to a healthier lifestyle and need some extra focus & attention to get you started. Perhaps you are already doing well but need that extra push to achieve a particular goal. In ay case, Im here ready to focus on YOUR particular needs.

60 min session $90.00
30 min express lunch $40.00