The Rediscover YOU Retreat
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
 Just Imagine......
... A stunning 9 bedroom oceanfront villa with two pools, a private beach area and endless ocean views 

... Living in Puerto adventures, a safely gated community just south of Playa Del Carmen,  Mexico and being to walk to anything you night need

 ... Waking up every morning to the sound of ocean waves

 .... A variety of meals, activities, and downtime that you can pick and choose from

... A husband and wife international chef team cooking up amazing, healthy, meals.  You don't have to plan, cook or clean anything

... Feeling focused, positive and energized. Following daily themes within the group as well in private with time to jounral, discuss, and prioritize the things that matter to you. Even working through ways to take that home with you. Truly rediscovering YOU! 

...STEPPING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and trying new things with a supportive, tightly knit group of women cheering you on!

Kelly Erais-
Retreat Host

Kelly has been providing Women's Wellness Retreats for over 6 years, combining all of her passions. She believes there is an incredible power in the strength of women coming together and the time we choose to make for ourselves and our own growth, rest and reflection.  Kelly is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and nutrition coach. She has been helping women get stronger, eat better, get outside and shift their mindset for over 10 years. Once you've been on retreat with her, you'll understand why people return so often!   

Alli Monnet-
Yoga Leader 
Alli first turned to yoga 24 years ago after she had undergone her first major back surgery, which halted her very active lifestyle. Initially yoga seemed to be a practice that was too rigid, not kind to someone with physical challenges but after undergoing her second back surgery she returned again, this time with more serious intent. She soon discovered how she could modify the practice to suit her limitations and it became life changing. Alli believes that yoga truly is for EVERY BODY regardless of the physical challenges you may face, In the years since, her physical practice has evolved to include a more connected, spiritual side. In the midst of a society that applauds the busiest of people, she is on a campaign to get people to give themselves permission to slow down, dig deeper into themselves and discover the very simple things that make them happy. She will be your guide for this week to find the pause, rest and reflection we not only desire, but do deserve.
What is included?  

...Airport transfers, if coming in on recommended flight(s)  
...Welcome reception including drinks 
...An Oceanfront luxury suite with king bed and private bathroom (shared 2 per room)
...All meals both at the villa and when we venture out- 2 lunches excluded
...Daily yoga instructed by Kelly, NO BURPEES, we promise!
...Full day at the all inclusive DREAMS Resort including meals and drinks
...A group trip to a local school to donate items we have brought back to donate
...A trip to Playa Del Carmen to shop, explore and have lunch on your own 
...Welcome gift
...Staff gratuities are included

Not Included



 ...Spa services or excursions you choose to add 

...Highly recommend Travel & medical insurance  

*All applicable local taxes (19%)  and gratuities are included in prices below 
 Ocean View Deluxe Private Suite - (Shared Occupancy) - $2265.00 USD  
 Ocean View Deluxe Private Suite- (Single Occupancy) - $3475.00 USD  
Ready to Register?
Book Now!  All questions can be directed to Kelly.  Registrations go through Cathy, our travel partner. Bookings will be made through Wassermann Retreats, an affiliate of Vision Travel Solutions, 328 Guelph Street, Georgetown, ON L7G  4B5, TEL 905.873.2000 ext. 1232 TICO # 50023504