Food is NOT the enemy!

Corporate Lunch & Learns
Treat your staff to a midday break with an Intro to Healthy Eating (or other varied topics) workshop. These are kept fun and light, while still being informative. Ill bring lots of info for them to take home, they can ask questions in advance and Im known for a little group stretch before I send them back.  I'll even bring lunch!
Do you find it challenging to make sense of all the conflicting nutrition advice? We all want to make smart food choices for ourselves and our families, but it can be overwhelming, time consuming and expensive. Let us help you cut through that confusion and get you and your family eating for your health! (and YES, that ABSOLUTELY includes pizza night!) *Grocery Store Tours  *In Home Kitchen Assessment *Personalized Nutrition Coaching *Certified by Precision Nutrition Contact us by following the links down below!